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What Is FapTok?

FapTok is a social app for ADULTS ONLY who want to share sexy content and connect with other locals for some fun. No man should have to FAP anymore when there are thousands of horny women on our platform looking for the same release!

We've created an advanced algorithm that will match you with local FapTok users based on distance and array of other signals ensuring that you find like-minded women in your area.

But first, we need to ask you a few questions to begin the process.


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Many of the women on FapTok are desperate single moms, cheating wives, and older cougars looking to put an end to fapping by offering themselves to get the same in return. Our users enjoy our app because we are VERY strict on privacy.

Do you agree to keep the identities of women that you meet on our site a secret?

No Yes

Question 2/4

Women on FapTok most commonly want no strings attached sex. Meaning they don't want any serious attachments, feelings, or complications. Think of it as a fair exchange, you both get your sexual needs met. Serious relationships are unlikely on our app.

Are you OK with this?

No Yes

Question 3/4

FapTok members are regular people, not prostitutes or sex workers, and should always be treated with respect.

Do you agree to be respectful during all interactions?

No Yes

Question 4/4

Women generally make the first move on FapTok. You will likely have multiple sex requests every time you login to our app.

Do you agree to be polite and respond to each request, even if you are not interested in a particular user? This keeps the women of FapTok comfortable with contacting men directly for sex.

No Yes

What body type do you prefer?

FAP Petite
FAP Curvy
FAP Busty
FAP Booty
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In what age group?

Ages 18-25
Ages 26-35
Ages 36-45
Ages 46-55
Ages 55 Plus
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What position is your favorite?

Missionary On Fuck Tok
Doggystyle On Fuck Tok
Anal On Fuck Tok
Anal Sex
Riding On Fuck Tok
Blowjobs On Fuck Tok
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What kind of arrangement?

Random Hookups On Fap Tok
Random Hookups
Fuck Buddies On Fap Tok
Fuck Buddies
Discreet Affairs On Fap Tok
Discreet Affairs
Sex Partners Fap Tok
Group Sex Parties
Fap Tok Dating
Casual Dating
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How far would you travel?

Fao Tok User Videos Within A Few Blocks
A few miles
Fuck Your Neighbors
Same City
Same City Fuck Buddies
Same State
Will Travel To Meet
Same Country
Willing To Host Partners At My Home
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Where do you prefer to communicate?

WhatsApp Fapping Preferred
Telegram Fapping Preferred
Facebook Fapping Preferred
Skype Fapping Preferred
Other Fapping Preferred
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