New Shock Site: Burnt Butts

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We have launched another shock site on the domain BurntButts.com. Check it!

Burnt Butts


2 New Shock Sites!

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So since it is pretty apparent I can’t keep up with my promises, I will discontinue saying I will be launching 1 site per month. Every few months I come back and want to give the shock sites some loving though. So today I decided to launch 2 new shock sites to the Meatspin Network!

Drum roll please…


Goatsee.com is goatsemarathon.com resurrected (I was a fool and didn’t renew the old domain in time). Ifoundbigfoot.com is a picture of the hairiest man ass I have seen to date.

As always, we are taking submissions if you have any content which you think would make a good addition to our network. Please use shockingmedia@gmail.com as your point of contact.


New Site: Mouth Washed

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Alright so I know I said I would release 1 site per month for the next 12 months. However as usual I got busy and did not feature a new site for February or March.

This email from Matt kicked me into gear:

“I am heartily disappointed in the lack of a new meatspin network website this month. You promised a new posting on the first of the month. However the month has nearly come to and end and yet there is still no new premium content. I check several times every day and I have been disappointed every day this month. Please rectify this tragic disappointment as soon as possible.”

So I have been scouring the bowels of the internet trying to find new content to release (if you guys have anything in mind please shoot me an email to shockingmedia@gmail.com). In the meantime I have resurrected an old part of the Meatspin Network formerly known as “Eating Cream”. The former domain expired without me noticing and I have received a number of requests asking to put the site back online. Only the old school Meatspin fans will remember this one.

On a side note, I should have another 1-2 sites launched by the end of April to catch up to my 12 sites in 2012 goal.

So, without further ado I give to you…MouthWashed.com


Star Wars Porn XXX Video

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Great news for all of you Star Wars fans out there! Vivid.com has just released the first high end Star Wars Porn Video! “Use the force”, “Fly the X-Wing”, “Master the light saber”. The puns alone are a perfect reason to do a porn parody of “Star Wars.” Surely I am not the only one who has fantasized about seeing Princess Leia sucking and fucking aboard the Tantive IV while “spying” for the Rebel Alliance. Deep down Princess Leia is a naughty little whore who wants nothing more than to double team the cocks of both Darth Vader during her interrogations and Luke Skywalker upon her rescue. Well, the Star Wars XXX porn parody is here to bring our fantasies to reality!

Click the video below for a sneak peak at the new Star Wars Porn Video!

Star Wars Porn Video
(There are 4 Star Wars XXX video clips in the above link)

Click here to watch the full Star Wars XXX video!

In the Star Wars Porn video you will find that most notable Princess Leia is engaged in full out hardcore action, as well as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vador, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan Kenobi and more! Having always been a fan of the original Star Wars films myself I was truly amazed with how well they reenacted the scenes in such an explicit way! Anyway be sure to check out the Star Wars XXX video above as well as the pictures below to get a sneak peak at what the new film is all about.

Star Wars Porn Pictures

Once you are ready for instant access to the UNCENSORED video as well as many other porn parodies be sure to join Vivid.com Parodies!

May the FARCE be with you!

Star Wars Porn


Free Cams Exposed

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Free Cams Exposed is a resource that teaches us who spend too much on live sex shows how to get them for FREE! No joke, times have changed, these sluts are willing to do just about everything for YOU in front of their webcam without you paying a dime! Sure many of you are thinking as I also thought – this is too good to be true. WRONG! With only an email address you can register to view THOUSANDS of live cam girls for FREE. No matter the time of day there are always hundreds if not thousands of live girls online. NEVER PAY FOR LIVE SEX AGAIN without watching the Free Cams Exposed Video. You can thank me later for this one.

Free Cams Exposed

On a side note, be sure to check back on February 1st as we will be launching yet another new shock site on the Meatspin Network.


New Site: Ass Pong

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Happy New Year! So I decided that one of my new year’s resolutions was going to be adding 12+ new shock sites to the network over the course of 2012. I proudly announce the 1st addition to this series – ASSPONG.com! The loop on the new site features a dirty slut (DirtyGardenGirl.com) pushing some beer pong balls out of her ass into her lesbian friend’s gaping asshole. From there Dirty Garden Girl prolapses her asshole for her friend to suck on. It is shocking to say the least, but don’t just take my word for it, head on over to AssPong.com now and check it out! Check back soon for more updates, I will likely add 1 new site per month.

Ass Pong


Dirty Garden Girl


Additional URL Shorteners

As many of you likely already know, URL shortening services (or in this case URL masking services) are great for tricking your friends into coming to shock sites. Sometimes names like “Meatspin” and “BellyBoner” might be a dead giveaway that it is something which they do not want to click. However people have become accustomed to seeing these shortened URLs around the net which we can use to increase our chances of getting a click. We mentioned a few of these services in our original Mask Shock Site URLs post and will expand on those below. If you have another suggested site to add to the list please hit up the comments.

Stay tuned more new shock sites are on the way!

URL Shortening/Masking Services:

(simply visit any of these sites and type the shock site into link to me shortened (ie: meatspin.com))

There are also many more which you can find running a search via Google for things like “URL Shortening”, “Short Link”, etc.


New Site: Prolapsed.net

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As promised we are already rolling out new sites with the first addition being Prolapsed.net! The new site features 3 sluts gaping open their prolapsed anuses, some dude licking and gaping them, with the additional bonus of an occasional fart. This one is sure to gross out many. However I know some of you sick fucks will also be turned on by this! For those of you who are, be sure to check out ProlapseParty.com who are the producers of the content featured on our new site. Check back soon for further updates and if you have something shock site worthy please submit it via shockingmedia@gmail.com.

Check out our newest site at Prolapsed.net!

Prolapse Party


Making A Comeback

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Over the years Meatspin tends to focus on various other projects but I always get back to showing the shock sites some love. It is that time again…I am ready to revamp the entire network and launch some new sites as well. I have compiled quite a bit of new content already and continue my search so if you have anything that you believe might be site worthy please email me at shockingmedia@gmail.com (there are various opportunities for those who submit content we choose to use).

Have ideas? Have content? Capable of creating flash loops or anything else that will create teh lulz? Hit us up! I also intend to breathe some life into this blog. What would you guys prefer the topic(s) be? Memes? Shocking content?

As you can tell, we have lots of questions! Hit the comments box and let us know what you think.

For now, we will leave you with Police Lieutenant John Pike who enjoys a casual stroll while pepper straying peaceful protestors at UC Davis last week.

Officer John Pike Pepper Strays Peaceful Protestors

I, for one, hate these power hungry assholes in uniform. Anonymous as well as other groups have gone on attack mode digging up whatever information that they can on this guy. There is also a png file (located here and here) which people are using to create lulzworthy chops of him. I have listed many in the Officer John Pike Pepper Spray Gallery. If you wish to have yours listed please submit it to us.

Meatspin will be back and remember…consequences, they will never be the same!


Bonetown 3D Sex Game

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Bonetown is quickly becoming one of the hottest 3D sex games online. In Bonetown everything goes – you can seek out the hottest sluts and bang them in various settings, fight other guys trying to scope your girls, do drugs, party hard, and just about everything else you could imagine. Basically Bonetown is like Grand Theft Auto with a sexual twist! You can instantly download Bonetown or request a DVD to install it on your computer. Come see why Bonetown is making a buzz in the 3D sex game industry!

Bonetown 3D Sex Game Trailer:

Download Bonetown 3D Sex GameBonetown 3D Sex Game DVD

Extended Bonetown 3D Sex Game Trailer: